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Unboxed! – Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue

What’s that? Not one, but two unboxings in a single week? Oh, yes! The first was Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, but this one is not a game. It is gaming-related, though, representing my favorite franchise of all-time. I will first show you a box:


What could be in this cleverly-designed box, adorned with pictures of Mega Man and Mega Man X, some 8-bit font, and the 25th Anniversary logo? This:


I present to you, the Mega Man 25th Anniversary statue. Yes, one of a few pieces of merchandise we have been given the opportunity to purchase instead of a new game. Alas, I don’t want to spoil this post with large amounts of animosity towards Capcom. Instead, I’m going to show you some pics from various angles that highlight the details of this rather impressive piece. I definitely wanted something to commemorate the anniversary in grandiose form, and this fit the bill more so than the previous Mega Man statue that could light-up and was in color. That one I really don’t like because of the small eyes and the plastic-like look of it that makes it seem cheap for the $100 it costs. I could also see the lights being a problem in the long-run if they stop lighting up and there’s no way to fix the issue without taking it apart and whatnot. This statue, however, has Mega Man X on it. That makes it better instantly. Plus, the two heroes are proportioned correctly and, while it would look better in color, the silver gives it a sort of expensive, trophy-like appearance a commemorative statue should have.

First, here are some shots of classic Mega Man:




The expression looks good, with Mega Man sort of gritting his teeth while looking somewhat innocent at the same time. It’s perfect, seeing as he’s not overly intimidating looking in the games, either, but once he starts blasting, enemies see how strong he really is. Speaking of blasting, I do like the blast effect coming from his Mega Buster. It’s a nice little detail in an otherwise simple piece.

Now for X:




Clearly, X looks angrier, which is fine, considering he is a darker character than his classic counterpart. The detail in his helmet is well done with nary any errors to be found. I also like his pose, which is rather accurate considering his personality. X was never one to shoot first and ask questions later. It looks more like he’s trying to reason with his enemy, telling them to get out of his way as he doesn’t want to fight them. Of course, if you know the Mega Man X franchise, he always ends up fighting them in the end, and he usually winds up kicking their asses, stealing their powers, and moving on to his next assignment. All in a day’s work for the world’s most-powerful Reploid.

I must have pre-ordered this rather early, as I received one with a pretty low number:


A close-up of the 25th anniversary logo, too, in case you want to see that:


Mine is #108 out of 1,000. Capcom’s site isn’t sold out of them yet, so if you’re interested, there are some still up for grabs. You can grab one here. I like the quality of the piece overall. It’s made out of solid resin, and even though there are very few minor indents and bubbles here and there, it’s still a very clean piece. It weighs about six pounds, is about 9.5″ tall, the base measures 5.75″ by 9″, in case you’re wondering if you have enough space, and costs $99.95 plus tax and shipping. I had to clear some space off of my bureau for this, but it was worth it. I finally have a piece to commemorate my favorite game franchise’s silver anniversary, and even though I do wish more was done to mark the occasion, at least I have a very cool statue to display in my collection for many years to come.


Unboxed! – Project X Zone Limited Edition

It is with great pleasure that I present this to you today, folks. I have waited a long time whilst chomping at my nails for an announcement that Project X Zone, an ambitious crossover SRPG between SEGA, Capcom, and Namco-Bandai, would come stateside. That day has finally come, and it is oh-so worth the wait. I’ve already poured several hours into it and, while X and Zero have not showed up yet, I’m loving it as the game is still a fun and over-the-top love letter to fans of anything from these three publishers. Of course, a game of this scale would need a fitting limited edition, no? Well, it just so happens that first print run copies were all made into limited edition packages, and it’s the same price of $39.99, so all of the extra goodies are free.

Before I present to you the limited edition’s contents, allow me to set the mood with this friggin’ amazing intro video.

OK, now that your mind has been blown, feast your eyes on this goodness.



The front and back of the outer box. I’m still not much for French being plastered on North American box art. I realize it’s for the Canadian crowd, but it clutters everything up.


BOOM! All of the contents laid out for you to see. I’ll be going over each individually.


First the Visual Book, which contains some promo art of the different playable pairs and what franchises they hail from.


Kite and BlackRose are here to represent .hack. I really need to finish Infection…


KOS-MOS and T-ELOS are here for the fun straight from Xenosaga. Episode III, specifically.


From SEGA and tri-Ace’s oddball RPG, Resonance of Fate, comes Zephyr and Leanne. Don’t worry; Vashyron is in the game, too.


These two gentlemen need no introduction.



The abridged soundtrack. I call it that, because that definitely isn’t the entire soundtrack. There are way more tracks than that. I find it odd they call it “Mega Man Dash”. It’s either Rockman Dash, as it’s called in Japan, or Mega Man Legends, as it’s called in the west. Not both. The soundtrack in the game, so far, is to die for, though.


A shot of the disc. I’ll have to rip this into my iTunes library soon.


Remember that white sheet of paper from the pic of all of the contents above? It’s actually a mini foldout poster. I should get this framed. It’d make the creases less noticeable.


The reason for buying it in the first place: the game, of course!


In the case are the cartridge and the English “manual”. Below it, the Club Nintendo code sheet and the French “manual”. I say “manual” because they’re more like foldout sheets than anything. Don’t worry, though. The game has plenty of tutorials to get you up to speed.


The most important part.

Considering you get all of this for free, it’s a fantastic deal. If you’re a fan of all three publishers and/or franchise crossovers, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. This can actually be purchased at Walmart, believe it or not. My local store has it, and limited edition copies, no less. I received mine from Amazon, but it’ll be the last time I order small, boxed collector’s games from them. The side did get mushed. You can’t notice it in the pictures, but there’s some minor damage. It’s not the first time it’s occurred, but it’ll be the last. I’ll either buy from Walmart or pre-order these types of things at GameStop from now on. Regardless, I hope your copy isn’t damaged and I hope you enjoy this gem of title. I am so far, that’s for sure!