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Losing My Instinct

Hello all! Today, I’m going to ramble on about a few topics. This is going to be similar to my “Raiding Tombs and Reading Comics” post from earlier this year. I mentioned it then, and I’ll say it now, that I really need to do this more often. Anyways, off I go!

Shin Gundam Musou!

For those confused by that title, it’s the name of the next Dynasty Warriors: Gundam title in Japan, which, if brought stateside, would likely make it Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 4. Why it isn’t called Gundam Musou 4 is because it has to do with the gap between the release of Gundam Musou 3 and this one. Since it has been a few years now between releases, they wanted to make it a compilation of sorts. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be all three bundled into one game. It’s actually going to have the return of Official Mode, which will feature plotlines from various Gundam anime series, similar to how things were done in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 and 3. It will also have an Ultimate Mode, which is supposed to be an original story made for the game. I can only hope the plot isn’t as bad as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3’s. That was…boy, that was awful. It was essentially nothing but mindless ramblings about “possibilities” between all of the pilots while the Knight Gundam just randomly appeared out of nowhere at times to fight. Yeah, talk about convoluted. Let’s not do that again, Omega Force.


What I’m excited about is that not only is Shin Gundam Musou going to be released on the PlayStation 3, but the Vita, as well. It’s also going to have over 100 playable mobile suits, a return to a more realistic art style, and more enhancements. You can find more info here, where my good friend from the Koei Warriors days, BlackKite, has translated the Famitsu article released yesterday and listed all of the known information he could glean from it. Many thanks to him, and here’s to hoping that Shin Gundam Musou makes it to western territories. It comes out in December in Japan, so we’ll probably see it next Spring, at the earliest, depending on whether they opt for a full localization with English voice acting, or just a text translation and a digital release on PlayStation Network. Even if it doesn’t make it stateside, there’s always importing, but I have faith it probably will make it across the Pacific.

Trophy Blunders

If it hasn’t been made painfully obvious by my PSN Trophy card on the sidebar, I do love me some Trophies. I currently have 47 Platinum Trophies, and thanks to what may be a programming or coding error in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, I may have Platinum #48 by the end of the week.

See, in the original Dead or Alive 5, you had to fight 1000 times online, collect tons of titles in order to unlock Alpha-152, and somehow make it through Survival on the hardest difficulty, which required you to fight through 100 straight opponents that could read and counter your every move with inhuman levels of skill all the while having very limited health regeneration. The game wasn’t voted a 10 out of 10 in difficulty in obtaining the Platinum for nothing. It was seriously that hard, and the only way Survival was even remotely possible was if you spammed a certain move with Leifang over and over, which wasn’t fun in the slightest nor was it a sure-fire way to win.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate screenshot

Fast-forward to a few days ago, where I gazed at the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Trophy list and noticed one trophy in particular, called “Survival (Tag) Cleared”, which requires you to complete all courses in Survival (Tag) Mode. I figured it may not be as hard, as I now have two characters to swap between and recovery items are dropped after every opponent that is defeated. It turns out, not every course needs to be completed at all. Naturally, I played on the “Rookie” course first with Ryu Hayabusa and series newcomer, Momiji. I blew through it with relative ease, when all of a sudden the Trophy pops. I didn’t complete every course, though, so I laughed and was even slightly disappointed. Clearly, either it was worded improperly or there was some sort of blunder with the programming of it. What I initially believed would be a difficult Platinum suddenly became very attainable because I didn’t have to complete Survival (Tag) Mode on the hardest difficulty. In DOA5 Ultimate, only 100 matches need to be played online and there is nothing that needs to be farmed or collected excessively in order to obtain any Trophies, either. Now, if only Ranked Matches in online mode worked properly…

Trophies aside, I’m definitely enjoying DOA5 Ultimate. I’ve taken a liking to Momiji, who plays like a faster Ryu Hayabusa, but certainly has her own quirks that set her apart from him. I still need to try out the other newbies, though.

Xbox One Cometh…Maybe?

Microsoft announced the release date of the Xbox One yesterday, which is November 22nd. That’s just in time for Black Friday, but honestly, is anyone actually expecting to find any of these, as well as PlayStation 4’s, on store shelves on Black Friday? My bet is on these being sold out on day one. Someone else may be getting my reserved system, though.

The reason I say that is because I’ve been having second thoughts about keeping my Xbox One pre-order. The thought initially stemmed from how Microsoft is handling Killer Instinct, particularly how it will essentially be an unfinished game on launch day, sporting only 6 characters and no story mode, with two more characters and story mode coming sometime next year all for $20. The price seems reasonable, sure, but I was under the impression that Killer Instinct would be a complete title at launch. I’m talking at least 12 characters, a full-blown story mode, as well as other staples like online, training, and perhaps stuff like survival and time attack. I want the entire package on day one. I don’t like this whole “Let’s release the game in pieces across a few years” practice. Double Helix has announced that there will be a “Season 2” around this time next year that will feature another 8 characters for $20, but I honestly don’t want to wait that long to get content I should be getting at launch. I mean, hell, Fulgore hasn’t even been announced yet and there’s only one launch slot remaining, which means it may not even include the main character at launch. I’m sorry, but that’s asinine.


Let me do some comparisons here. Take Skullgirls, for instance, which is a crowdfunded and indie fighting game and not produced by someone with deep pockets like Microsoft. Skullgirls launched with 8 characters, a full story mode, GGPO netcode, a deep training suite, and hand-drawn (read: very time-consuming and high-quality) visuals, all for $15 as a digital download. When you take this into consideration, Killer Instinct simply isn’t that good of a deal. I wish Microsoft would just delay the game until next year and release it once it’s a full-fledged title. If they want to add DLC characters afterwards, fine. That’s the norm nowadays, after all.

That isn’t even the only factor, either. Besides Killer Instinct, the only other game I would want for the Xbox One at launch is Forza Motorsport 5. However, the PlayStation 4, which I am definitely buying, no ifs, ands, or buts, is going to launch with Drive Club, which likely won’t be as good as Forza 5, but it’s free for PlayStation Plus members, so there’s nothing to lose by downloading it. That fills the “driving game” void right there. Add to the fact that the PS4 is releasing one week before the Xbox One for $100 less and the fact that I’m buying Watch Dogs and likely Killzone: Shadow Fall on launch day, and I’m looking at total expenses for the PS4 launch at around $520. Is it really wise to spend that much on a console, then turn around and throw down $560 for the Xbox One and Forza 5 a week later just so I’m completely torn between the two systems? I’m thinking I’d rather 1) save money, and 2) not overwhelm myself with two consoles and instead focus on enjoying one. It’s not like I don’t have the option of buying the Xbox One later on. When I really think things through like this, I think it just makes logical and economical sense to just wait on the Xbox One, as much as it’s going to kill me that I won’t get to play Forza 5.

That will end my ramblings for today. Thanks for reading, everyone!


Being a Vampire Sucks

Hello all! I wanted to start today by saying thank you to everyone who contributed to the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter so far. As I sit here and write this, I can happily say that the project has currently raised over $750,000! This means that Mighty No. 9 will probably be completely funded by the end of today, which also means that it’ll be time to strive for the stretch goals, with the highest being $2.5 million. If that threshold is crossed, that means we’ll be playing Mighty No. 9 on our consoles. If you’d like to check the project’s current progress or haven’t seen the project at all yet, click the Mighty No. 9 image on the right sidebar and that will open a new tab to the Kickstarter page.

As for the title, that pertains to a session of Skyrim I had yesterday that I found quite annoying and amusing all the same. I felt like picking up Skyrim again because every time I tried playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, I just kept thinking how much better Skyrim is, so I shelved Amalur and popped that in a couple of days ago. I simply love walking into shops and stealing things. The A.I.’s reaction is always hilarious, as causing pure chaos in Skyrim is always extremely entertaining. However, during my shenanigans, I started to notice that I had vampiric powers and a sensitivity to sunlight that became increasingly worse. I paid it no mind for a while and simply went about completing quests and stealing from shops until, after an attempt to fast travel to another location to complete a quest, I became blood-starved, which pretty much meant that I had not been sucking people’s blood and, therefore, looked so hideous that everyone and their grandmother was trying to kill me. This made doing pretty much anything impossible, so I reloaded my save and did a Google search as I had no idea how to get rid of my blood-sucking issue with the information the game supplied. There was nothing on my quest log that even remotely hinted towards anything vampire-related, but I later found out that I had to speak to an inn owner and ask about rumors. Lo and behold, one was about a guy who knew about vampires. Bingo.

I paid the guy a visit and was told I had to use a “Black Soul Gem” and I had to kill someone while casting Soul Trap on them. So, I bought the gem off of him as well as the tome that taught me Soul Trap, then set out to find a mercenary who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. With my mission completed, I hurried back to the man who then told me to meet him in a spot outside of town at dawn in order to complete the ritual. This is where the next part of my problem arose. When I made my way to the spot and waited for him until dawn, I became blood-starved, which meant that now he was trying to kill me. Again, I reload my save and now I start looking for someone to suck blood from. I ended up breaking and entering into some sawmill where a poor sap was sleeping in his bed. All the poor guy ever wanted to do was make an honest living. Alas, I needed to sate my thirst, so I took a few bites and made my way back to the ritual site, where my vampiric powers were finally gone for good.

The worst part is I don’t even remember when I contracted the vampire disease. The last time I played this game was in January of 2012, so I naturally don’t even remember any quests that may have involved becoming afflicted with the condition. I’m glad the problem is solved, though, so now I’m back to completing quests and stealing more gold and goat cheese. Hey, everyone needs their goat cheese, especially when you can just take some off of the counter and sell it right back to the guy. Ah, Skyrim. It’s crazy stuff like this that makes people love it so much.

Oh, sweet goat cheese…

I won’t be playing Skyrim for much longer, though. I may play some more today, but tomorrow, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate hits stores and I’m definitely grabbing a copy. Say what you want about the apparent sexism in the game with all of the scantily-clad women, but DOA has definitely defined itself as a fighting game franchise to be taken seriously. I look forward to jumping into a lot of the new features and balance changes.

Until next time, everyone. Thanks for reading!