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Hall of Fame

Welcome to “The Maverick Gamer” Hall of Fame! Here, the greatest of the greats in video games are enshrined so that they may be honored and adulated until the end of time. This page includes titles that I, personally, regard as the greatest games that I have ever played. They are not ranked in any way, but instead, are in order of induction. Considering how the standards of games change every year, the disparity between genres and the limitations of the hardware of earlier consoles, ranking them is something that’s immensely difficult, and is something I would rather not attempt, lest my head explode from trying to get it just right. I will be adding titles in from time to time via blog posts that basically will describe why the game is so legendary to me that it must be held in high regard. The links to those posts will be available next to each inductee. As far as criteria goes, these are games that I would consider life-changing and revolutionary. These titles gave me experiences that are simply unforgettable, forever engraving them into my memory and changing my outlook on how truly great games should be designed. These are the absolute best games ever created, without a single doubt.

This page also includes past Game of the Year winners, as well as the runner-ups. The links to those posts will also be provided, if applicable. This blog did not exist prior to 2012, so if any years are listed prior to that point in time, it is simply a list that I compiled of the best titles I played that released within that year. Remember! Just because a game wins the Game of the Year, it does not make it a Hall of Fame inductee. Every year has a best game. Not every year has a legendary game.

Hall of Fame

No inductees…yet. Stay tuned.

Game of the Year Archives




2) Final Fantasy XIII-2

3) Persona 4 Arena

4) The Walking Dead: The Game

5) Hitman: Absolution

6) Sleeping Dogs

7) Forza Horizon

8) Double Dragon Neon

9) Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

10) Tales of Graces f

Honorable Mentions: Persona 4 Golden, Warriors Orochi 3, Pokemon Black Version 2/White Version 2



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