Welcome to the mind of an imaginative and hot-headed gamer.


Welcome to my blog/site/whatever you want to call it! I’ve gone by the alias of MegaXtreme on the “interwebs” over the years, but you can just call me Mega, for short. What’s my story? I’m just a regular guy who’s number one hobby happens to be playing video games and lots of them. With this blog, I want to unleash my urge to speak my mind on subjects surrounding the latest industry news, what I’m playing, and anything and everything in-between. I like talking about video games so much that I honestly can’t shut up about them, and considering I’m not the talkative type, that’s saying a lot. I may even discuss other random subjects that come to mind, just to mix things up or when I just absolutely have to rant or rave on a pressing subject. What you won’t hear me discuss is anything related to what I do for a living, as it isn’t interesting in the slightest and all it will usually boil down to are mindless rants. I work in retail and that’s that.

From time to time, I may post up reviews for some games I’ve recently finished playing. Keep in mind that I may review games that have been out for extended periods of time, so don’t be puzzled by reviews of games that have been out for several months or even years. I have a considerable backlog that I slowly work my way through on top of the plethora of new releases I pick up every year, and that backlog continues to grow as I find good deals on games that I have an interest in playing.

With that said, thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!

-MegaXtreme, “The Maverick Gamer”


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