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My First Impressions – PS4 and Xbox One

The next generation is almost upon us. Coming this holiday season, both the PlayStation 4 and the newly revealed Xbox One will be vying for gamer dollars, each with its own strengths and feature sets, as well as exclusives. Now, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’ve been a pretty big Sony supporter for some time now. I play all third-party titles on my PS3, I prefer PlayStation Plus as an option, free online, tons of quality exclusives (including niche titles), a more user-friendly interface-I could go on and on. People love the 360, I know that, and I am in no way saying you’re wrong to love it with all of its issues and quirks as we all have our opinions and preferences and we wouldn’t be individuals without those opinions. The thing is, I’m already seeing battle lines being drawn between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 well before these two consoles have even hit the market. It was bound to happen, and while I’m certainly not going to join any wars, after seeing what both consoles have to offer, the PlayStation 4 is by and far a no-brainer for me this year.

See, the PS4 is aiming to appeal to a person like me. I love video games. When I buy a console, I want to play games on it. I could care less about the frills; movies, music, sports events, damn it all, I don’t care. I want it to give me the best gaming experience possible. The Xbox One in yesterday’s presentation failed to show me that Microsoft wanted to give me what I want. They spent far too much of the conference going on about a Halo TV show, a new NFL partnership, smartglass this and TV intergration with the Kinect that. If you’re into those things, then fantastic. Buy an Xbox One at launch and have a ball. I hope you love it. It just isn’t for me. I don’t care about all of the frills, the Kinect 2 (which lacked any legitimate real-time use during the persentation, so it’s difficult to judge at this point), or any of that, and I’d rather not have to pay for any of that, either, as every Xbox One will include a Kinect 2, which will likely just sit and collect dust on my TV stand while I stick to the controller for everything. Add in the fact that I’ll be charged a fee just to play used games, and the console actually starts to make me a bit uneasy. It has its strengths, sure, but not strengths that sway me.

The PlayStation 4 may be hiding some bad news. Who knows? Only time will tell, and E3 is right around the corner. The fact that they took the time in their presentation to show the support they’ve garnered from developers, the people who make the games I play, shows that they care about the games first and foremost, though. They showed many games, game-centric features, and while I could care less about Move, the Move demo was very impressive. The PlayStation 4 just seems to click with what I want in a gaming console. It’s a powerful, no-frills console, at least so far. Again, E3 is just looming over our heads with only a few weeks to spare until it’s upon us. It’s there where we’ll likely find out how much these consoles will cost, release windows, launch window software, etc.

So I prefer the PS4 at this stage. Does this mean I’ll never play nor own an Xbox One? Absolutely not. See, the beauty of being a more open gamer like myself is owning every console. That way, you always win. You get to own every exclusive, experience everything every console on the market has to offer. I don’t own a Wii U yet, but with news of a new Mario and Smash Bros. imminent, that could very well change this year. Once if has the software I care about, Nintendo can have my money. It’s all about waiting until the console I want has what I want.

Let me leave you with this. You can jump onto Facebook, Twitter, the comments on YouTube, GameSpot, or IGN and start your little console wars. You can flame others to your heart’s content defending your console of choice. At the end of the day, though, no one is ever right and everyone has a right to support whatever system they want. I feel the true winners here are those willing to fork over the money for every console so that no stone is left unturned, despite the costs. If you’re adamant about your console being the best, that’s fine. Enjoy your console and I hope you have a blast with it. Enjoy your Xbox One and I hope it’s a kick-ass experience for you. I’m going with the PlayStation 4, and no one should ever say anyone is ever wrong about their console of choice. Agree to disagree and move on.


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