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Blog Update: Review Format is Changing

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up. I’ll be changing the format of my reviews starting with the review for BioShock Infinite, which will be going live this afternoon. I’m making these changes because I used the old format as a means of easily porting my reviews to oprainfall, as their format is almost identical. However, I’m not affiliated with them anymore, so I’m going to change things to how I want them.

So, what are the changes? Firstly, there will be a header image at the top of every review instead of box art. The reason is because a majority of multi-platform games that I play are for the PlayStation 3, which means I’d be using PS3 box art at the top on almost every review, as it wouldn’t make sense to review the PS3 version, but slap 360 art at the top. I don’t want to make it look like I’m biased, so from here on out, a header image for the game will be used.

The other change is the scoring format. Previously, I used a 10-point scale that went from 1 to 5 with half points in-between. I’m expanding to a 20-point scale to better differentiate the quality between titles, so scores will be 1-10 with half points in-between.

That’s it. I just didn’t want to confuse people when my BioShock Infinite review went live later. Thanks for reading, everyone!


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