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Rising from the Ashes

I’m still alive, folks. I didn’t go anywhere. That last post may have left a very “doom and gloom” feeling, but my story hasn’t reached its final chapter, I assure you.

In fact, I’ve been thinking over the past few days. For a large portion of my life, I’ve classified myself as a loner and that is quite the truth. I keep to myself, being the introvert that I am, and thrive far better on my own. It made me think that maybe the reason I left oprainfall was because I just didn’t like being tied down. I couldn’t post anything without approval, I had to remain professional, I couldn’t use “colorful” language to express my true feelings, etc. I’m just the kind of person who’s always marched to my own beat. I simply don’t like being restricted when it comes to expressing myself. Plus, it is kind of hard to really be me when I’m merely delivering news. I mean, hell, I’ve tried delivering news on this blog on a weekly basis, but it only lasted two weeks because 1) it became tedious, and 2) it made me lose sight of what this blog is really about. This blog isn’t about delivering gaming news. It’s about me.

That’s the foundation I’ve fallen back on. I need to think of myself and what really is going to make me happy, or at least try to. Would oprainfall have opened doors for me in the industry? Absolutely, and I thank them dearly for the opportunity. In the end, though, it just didn’t work out. It makes me think that leaving was a double-edged sword. It may have closed those figurative doors, yes, but the silver lining is that I’ve reminded myself why I write about games in the first place. I write about them as a means of expressing myself. I enjoy it. Writing news articles and being restricted was not enjoyable.

So, here’s where I am. This blog is clearly back up and running and I intend to keep it that way. I had a Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires review request submitted when I left oprainfall, but, clearly, I’ll never hear back about that. That review, which is now long overdue because I was restricted from writing it for the site as a newbie, will be published here, and once I have the time, I’ll write it. Lately, I’ve also played God of War: Ascension (loved it) and 007: Legends (oh lord…), so those may be candidates for reviews, as well. I just love writing reviews, so it’s about time I’ve made a return to writing them like I did in high school on GameSpot. Bioshock Infinite launches next week, which is a big deal, so that’s one title I’m absolutely looking forward to.

I want to thank all of my friends and family for their support and I will do my best to keep this blog up and running. I’m not finished yet!


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