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Proud of Being a Gamer

Yesterday, gaming sites lit up with news that Pandora’s Tower, a Nintendo first-party title for the all-but-dead Wii, is finally coming to North America via publisher XSEED Games. Now, you’re thinking, “What’s so special about that”? Ever heard of Operation Rainfall? They’re a group of dedicated gamers who formed on a forum in a joint effort to convince Nintendo of America to localize three under-appreciated titles that were published in Japan. This group literally absorbed every gaming media outlet out there, bursting on to the scene and making it known, in a respective and organized manner, that they wanted Nintendo to bring these games to American gamers. Pandora’s Tower happens to be the third and final title they campaigned for to be brought to America. The first two, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, were brought over last year by Nintendo themselves (as a GameStop-exclusive) and XSEED, respectively. This also marks the second title that XSEED is bringing over from the Operation Rainfall campaign, likely both due to high demand and because The Last Story was their highest-selling title ever.

When this started back in 2011, people didn’t think it would ever work. After Nintendo had their Facebook and Twitter accounts swarmed with demand for these games, and I even added my voice to ever-growing populace, they turned around and said they had no plans to bring these stateside, which even further hit home that maybe these games simply were going to get overlooked. The fact that Europe even received these titles and not America showed that Nintendo of America simply didn’t want to take the risk. Now, while I do wish Nintendo would have had a little more confidence in their titles and brought them stateside on their own instead of having to make a deal with a retailer as an exclusive or handing off the rights to a third-party publisher, they now are all available in North America, though Pandora’s Tower won’t actually be released until this Spring.

Now, the reason this is so special is it just goes to show that gamers truly do have a voice in the industry. To think that just a few people on a forum managed to launch a campaign of this scale and have it succeed is unprecedented. The effort has gotten so big that they have their own website, dedicated to news, reviews, and the like while also serving as a hub for other groups to launch campaigns of their own. As you can see from the hub now, the literal Operation Rainfall is retired, as it has become a success, but there are other campaigns in the works. Efforts like these make me proud to be a gamer, where like-minded people can band together with level heads and tell major game publishers that they want to experience these titles without any need for piracy or hacks. They just want the chance to play great games, which is something I think we can all agree with.

Will I buy Pandora’s Tower? Absolutely. I put in the effort back then to get it localized, and I will do my part in buying a copy come this Spring. Besides, the game does look interesting. Operation Rainfall’s other titles proved to be a mixed bag, with The Last Story being totally underwhelming and Xenoblade Chronicles being a lengthy, unique, and excellent RPG, but I have faith that Pandora’s Tower will be a good title. I’d love to see some other games get localized, like Project X Zone and Final Fantasy Type-0, but I know that I can’t have it all at once. It takes time to get these campaigns to build support, and not all of them are going to succeed. However, if Operation Rainfall is any indication, it’s absolutely not impossible, proving to be an inspiration to gamers everywhere. Congratulations to Operation Rainfall on a well-deserved victory. Let’s hope Pandora’s Tower does well, which could possibly allow other publishers to take notice and perhaps move forward with localizing more demanded titles.


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