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Unboxed! – Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition

Look what came in the mail for me today! After a delay with Amazon receiving their allotted copies, my copy of Persona 4 Golden was delivered just before noon this morning. I was a little concerned after they initially pushed the delivery date back to December 19th, but thankfully, it worked itself out, and now I have a rare Collector’s Edition. Atlus only printed 10,000 copies of this edition and pre-orders sold out quickly, so I’m very fortunate to have gotten my hands on one. Of course, every game is meant to played, so I opened my copy because this isn’t something I plan on reselling and will be a cool showpiece for my collection. Not only that, I’ve held off on buying Persona 4 for a long time, and I hear it’s a unique and enjoyable Japanese RPG. Here are some pics of this highly collectable package.















The front and back cover of the outer box. I was fortunate for this to come without any damage, considering I’ve heard reports of some Amazon orders coming in bubble envelopes, where the box would actually be crushed. Mine came in a box with air packets, thankfully. The logo on the front is actually embossed, making this box a real showpiece.








All of the goodies this $70 edition contains, except the faceplate is inside the zipper case, which I’ll show in a later pic.








Two sheets of stickers featuring characters from the game. I haven’t actually played it, yet, so I don’t know who these folks are, but if you have something to decorate, these would certainly do the job. I probably won’t use them as I’d be afraid to ruin them.








This is a skin for the face of the Vita. I’m not too keen on sticking things on my consoles and handhelds, so this will stay in the wrapping, but it’s cool nonetheless. If you read the part on the screen portion, you can actually download wallpapers for the Vita that match the skin, so it all looks like one seamless image. Nice touch.















Here is the zipper case/pouch, manufactured by Hori. It’s sturdy and has a hard outer shell, but with a smooth texture to it, just like Hori’s other Vita cases (one of which I own and love). The art on it is pretty neat and compliments the game well. The inside features a flap that holds three game cards.








Here is the face cover I was telling you about. This actually houses the entire system, and isn’t just a faceplate that attaches to the Vita, as it doesn’t have any hardware expansion ports like the two threaded holes it’s predecessor, the PlayStation Portable, had. As this came in the package inside the zipper pouch, this can obviously be used in tandem with it.






















Some pics of the game itself. Note that I only took a pic of the game card, as Vita titles do not include physical manuals, so the rest of the case is empty. I’m quite fond of the cover art, as busy as it is. It just seems eye-catching and interesting. This version of Persona 4 includes new content that the original version on the PS2 did not have, which includes a new character, additional dungeons and events, online features that allow you to gain stat boosts by having other players cheer you on, and, a Vita staple, Trophy support. The visuals have also been updated to take advantage of the increased horsepower of the Vita.

All in all, this is a really cool package for the money and I’m happy to have it in my collection. Hopefully, I can get started on this soon, once I wrap up Hitman trophies and PlayStation All-Stars. Until next time, folks, and thanks for reading!


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