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The Weekly Recharge #1 – 11/10/12-11/16/12

Welcome to The Weekly Recharge, where I take a handful of the previous week’s biggest gaming news, as well as some personal favorite stories, and provide my own insight, opinions, and express some joy or loathing, depending on the subject matter! Ready, Reploids? Then let’s get started!


That’s right, folks. GTA is back, and it looks, well, friggin’ nuts. Go ahead and give the trailer a watch.

So what do you think? I’m going to be honest and say that this one may be pretty damn comical, even more-so than previous iterations based on the camaraderie between the game’s three playable protagonists. That’s right: three. Now, their stories aren’t actually split up like you would think. All three go on missions together and all of them play different roles that you can undertake, like one covering the other two in a helicopter. The focal point is going to apparently be on heists, according to an article IGN.com posted up earlier this week (which can be found here).  However, they still won’t allow you to make your character fat like in GTA’s finest entry, San Andreas. Seriously? OK, I’m only kidding. It’s not really that big of a deal. What is a big deal, though, is that I thought Grand Theft Auto IV was a major disappointment, which all but diminishes my interest in this entry completely. I found myself playing for 30 minute to 1 hour spurts of nothing but sputtering through the game’s ho-hum story missions with its banal plot, running around getting in fights with random people, and driving really fast and colliding with walls and guardrails to make my character go flying through the windshield, because I’ll admit that was mildly amusing. Case in point: I’m not excited. Call me a hater, but I’ve rarely if ever been impressed with anything Rockstar has ever come out with and the only title of theirs I can say I had a good time with was, you guessed it, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I don’t think it’ll ever be topped.


Yup. Another year, another Call of Duty, and another crap-ton of money made. The series’ latest, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, has reportedly made $500 million in its first 24 hours on sale. This kind of dumps all over Microsoft’s little parade they were having last week over how Halo 4 broke $200 million in its first week. That’s right; Call of Duty made over twice as much as Halo in only a single day. To be fair, Black Ops II is multi-platform, so this takes into account the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions, while Halo 4 only saw a release on the Xbox 360 as an exclusive. When you take that into account, Halo 4’s numbers are still pretty damn impressive. What stuns me, though, is that if Black Ops II made that much in one day, how much will the first week’s total be? A billion dollars? It’s absolutely nuts. What does surprise me, though, is hearing that this one’s campaign is the best yet. It has multiple endings based on your actions throughout the campaign. This isn’t anything revolutionary in gaming, but it certainly is for a franchise that’s infamous for having 4- to 5-hour long single player campaigns with absolutely no replay value, whereas this one does. I, for one, stopped buying games after the first Black Ops because I grew tired of the franchise not taking any steps forward, but it looks like that time has finally come, at least plot-wise. This also cements my belief that Treyarch has done Call of Duty better than Infinity Ward, or the empty husk of it that remains, ever did. What happens with what will presumably be called Modern Warfare 4 remains to be seen, but it appears a new standard has been set, and if this franchise wants to remain on top, there is absolutely no going back.


Reports circulated the web earlier this week that Crytek President Cevat Yerli has been openly pushing for a new TimeSplitters or even an HD Collection for the first three titles in the franchise. For those unacquainted with the greatness that is TimeSplitters, it’s a time-hopping first-person shooter franchise with a clever sense of humor and stars a badass named Sgt. Cortez, who mysteriously looks a lot like Vin Diesel. These games were originally developed by the now defunct Free Radical, which comprised of folks who worked on the greatest FPS of all-time, GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The studio has since been absorbed into Crytek and renamed Crytek UK. TimeSplitters 4 was in development before Free Radical shuttered its doors, but has since been put on indefinite hold unless the company starts seeing a demand. That “demand” comprises of 300,000 signatures in a petition. I’ve already signed it, obviously, and if you have a knack for supporting awesome games, you should too. With all of the mundane “me too” shooters coming out year after year, it’s about time an innovative and massively fun franchise came back to the forefront to show these chumps how it’s done. I honestly can’t tell you how many hours I’ve poured into TimeSplitters 2 over the years. No, seriously, I can’t. My save file corrupted years ago along with an entire 16MB PS2 memory card. However, the memories will never die, and I hope this franchise doesn’t either. Which brings me too another, similar matter…


Here we go again, folks! Capcom USA’s senior vice president Christian Svensson has said, and I quote, “I can say with certainty that you’ve not seen the last of the Blue Bomber on consoles and handhelds.” He also continued by saying they don’t want to announce anything without it being green lit, as they’ve done nothing but disappoint fans in the past when they decide to can said projects. Oh, do you mean Mega Man Legends 3? Y’know, the game that actually had fans actively involved in its development? The one people spent hours of their personal time helping to realize on Capcom’s boards? The one people asked for for years until Keiji Inafune, referred to as the “Father of Mega Man”, left this joke of a company because he realized it was a sinking ship, so you subsequently dropped the project in retaliation? I know it has never gone on the record as Capcom saying such a thing, but we all know the almost total neglect of the Mega Man franchise is due to this ugly break-up. I only hope Capcom has realized their mistakes and are working on something fans want and can be proud of, not just this iOS “Rockman Xover” bull crap we may never even see come stateside. I, for one, am not getting my hopes up. Capcom has said they’ll devote 2013 to celebrating his anniversary, as this year focused on Devil May Cry’s 10th anniversary as well as Street Fighter’s 25th, but we’ll see how that turns out. I have my own plans for celebrating the Blue Bomber’s birthday next month, but I’ll disclose on that soon enough.

To end things, I thought I’d leave this on a positive note and not with that rant I just plastered in front of your faces by wishing the great Shigeru Miyamoto a belated happy birthday! I just found out the news via Anime New Network that one of gaming’s greatest figures has just turned 60 on Friday. We owe a lot to this man, folks. He’s given us Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and so much more. To say gaming wouldn’t be the same without him would be a major understatement. He has gone on the record as saying that he will be stepping away from major projects at Nintendo in order to start passing the torch to a new generation, but he’s already contributed more than enough to the industry and deserves the greatest of luck in his future endeavors with the company, big or small.

And that’s it for the Recharge this week. This is The Maverick Gamer, warping out!


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