Welcome to the mind of an imaginative and hot-headed gamer.

Walking On A Dream

After a couple weeks of tinkering with widgets and Microsoft Paint, I’ve finally realized my vision. Welcome to my blog, “The Maverick Gamer”! I go by the username of MegaXtreme (and have for years), but you can just call me Mega, or even Maverick, if you prefer.

Why the title? Well, the dictionary defines a maverick as someone who breaks away from the pack, a “loner”, if you will, that tends to kick conformity to the curb. It’s also a reference to the boss characters in the Mega Man X series, which is my favorite game franchise of all-time, hence why good ‘ole X is in the header. Despite the game reference, the term is rather befitting of someone such as myself. I’ve always kept to myself over the years and considered myself a loner, but I’m an avid thinker, always coming up with ideas, opinions, and beliefs that usually tend to differ from the norm and sometimes even border on the extreme and ridiculous. My biggest issue, however, has been not having a way to share all of that, and that’s where this blog comes in. The “Gamer” portion comes from the fact that I am a very avid player and collector of video games, which is what this blog will primarily revolve around.

So, here I go again taking another swing at a blog. The last time I had one, I shelved it rather quickly due to the fact that I didn’t use it very much and, when I did, I tended to put far too much effort into it than was really necessary. What I’ve learned is that a blog post doesn’t have to be immensely long and time-consuming to write. Just as long as it’s interesting to the reader and fun for me to write, that’s what really matters. With that in mind, I’ve created a blog where I’m just going to post what I want, when I want. No pressure.

As I’ve said, a vast majority of my posts will be about my biggest passion in the world: video games. Virtually all of my free time is spent playing them, reading about them, and even critiquing them. You’re going to find me posting impressions about games I’m currently playing, perhaps even some reviews here and there whenever I have the time, commenting about the latest news in the gaming industry, and more. So, if you like video games as much as I do, you’re in the right place, but even if you’re not, I hope you’ll find what I have to say to insightful, interesting, and amusing, regardless of your stance on the subject matter.

I should also note that I have a lot of games, and, as a result, what I’m playing isn’t always the newest thing on store shelves. I have an extensive backlog of games that have come out over the years that I happened to pick up on the cheap and sat aside for when I’m between the latest games or am just flat-out bored, so don’t be surprised if I’m posting about games that came out several years ago, or perhaps even further than that. I do like my classics on the consoles I grew up with and may even be inclined to review some of those down the line.

So, without further ado, welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy everything I have to share with you!














-MegaXtreme, “The Maverick Gamer”


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